Sunday, May 6, 2018

Bryndon Everett
3742 S. 5th W. 
Idaho Falls, ID


Freelance Animator

Requirements include Setting up shots And taking traditional style Keyframe Animation from Storyboard to fully colored Animated features.

Contract artist - American Dream Labs
Requirements include Designing original illustrations for use in Film and promotional material, as well as Animation for TV commercials

Freelance Comic Book Artist with M2Action, Magnetic Press, EMET Comics, Insight Editions 

Requirements include Managing Page Layout, penciling, inking, and coloring.
Frequently Working both alone, and closely with Art Directors, Writers, and Producers to deliver High-Quality products under strict deadlines.

Concept Artist/Character Designer with Stowaway Films
Requirements include working closely with producers, making multiple variations of characters, Creatures, and assets, and taking designs from early concepts to final renders, as well as Storyboarding, and creating promotional material.


Illustrator, and Designer: Spyderwise Media, Hewlett Packard, TheBlazeTV, Dopesett apparel.
Requirements include creating original Illustrations for advertisements and online media, as well as creating Graphic Designs, User Interface, Iconography, and Layouts for websites.



-Art Direction
-Character and Creature design
-Costume and Prop design
-Orthographic layout of concepts

-Able to sketch concepts quickly, as well as deliver polished, final projects in both traditional and digital media.

-Key-Frame animation
-Proficient in Adobe Photoshop,  digital paintings and photo manipulations.
-Graphic design


Studied Concept Design and Texturing at FuturePoly,

Studied Creature and Character Design and Life Drawing at The Concept Design Academy.

Studied Figure Drawing and Visual Communications at Gnomon: School of Visual Effects

Private Figure Drawing and Visual Communications lessons.


Concept Art Featured in Gnomon: School of Visual Effects Demo Reel
Concepts displayed in Futurepoly's Student works section for over a year
Featured in Popshot Magazine's "Birth" and "Wild" Issues
Featured interview in Varoom Illustration Magazine
Featured in Magnetic Press Ambassador  

Maytal Gilboa
Manager, and Producer, EMET comics

Michael Woods
Writer, DarkHorse, Image, and DC Comics



Marc Scheff

Art Director, and Illustrator
Horia Dociu 
Studio Art Director, ArenaNet